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Performing over 500 shows a year for all venues!

Baffling Bill's interest in magic began at age five, when a kindergarten classmate performed a magic trick for show and tell. The classmate made a ball disappear and reappear. This feat of magic left an impression on Bill that would not be forgotten. He started requesting magic sets for Christmas and birthdays as he grew up.

He would attend Norm Clothier's Magic Camp, check out magic books at the library, and put together shows for the neighborhood kids. Throughout junior high and high school Bill would win talent shows with his magic act.

Baffling Bill helped pay his way through five years of college performing shows and working at magic shops. After college he fell in love with and married Diane who encouraged Bill to go into magic as a full time career. In 1987 they established their magic company, "Absolutely Baffling Magic by William and Di."

Baffling Bill performs approximately 500-600 shows per year including:

  • Crossroads Village (1985-1989, 1997-present)
  • Upland Hills Farm Harvest Festival (October 1990-present)
  • Introducing the Dodge Ram at the 1993 International Auto Show, Detroit
  • MGM Grand Casino (2003)
  • Hundreds of performances for corporations including Ford, GMC, Honda, Chrysler, Volkswagen, Hewlett Packard, Bosch, Masco Corporation, etc.
  • Country Clubs: Dearborn CC, Birmingham CC, Bloomfield Hills CC, Orchard Lake CC, Detroit CC, Wabeck CC, and Meadowbrook CC, Oakland Hills CC, Plum Hollow CC
  • Shopping malls throughout the Midwest
  • Thousands of school assemblies and libraries


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Featured In Hour Detroit Magazine 2017

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