Blast off with Books



Blast of with Books Show Details

Blast off with Books Magic Show | Show 1
Blast off with Baffling Bill into a Universe of Magic and Wonder! See a portable black hole transport objects back in time! Watch Gus the Bunny launch a magic wand into space. This 40 minute show encourages summer reading through magic, audience participation and laughter.

Blast off with Books Levitation Show | Show 2
Same show as above with the addition of Assistant Kym levitating into space on a Magic Carpet.

Baffling Bill’s Magic Class | Show 3
Baffling Bill and Gus the Bunny will teach your group amazing feats of magic and provide them with a bag of tricks that they can take home to astound friends and family. This 45 minute hands on magic workshop is perfect for ages 5-12 and teen groups.

Blast off with Books, Spectacular Illusion Show | Show 4
Be astounded as Baffling Bill, Assistant Kym, and Gus the Bunny transform your library meeting room into a magic theater. Your patrons will witness Floating Lady, Doll House Illusion, Vanishing Assistant, Houdini’s Metamorphosis and more! This 45 minute show of Grand Illusion is perfect for children/family audience as well as teen and adults.


Featured In Hour Detroit Magazine 2017

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